The Scout Tracker


While either competing in real time competition or scouting a potential upcoming opponent, The Scout Tracker allows you to:

  • Chart on the spot pitch calls
  • Track batter results
  • Identify player offensive tendencies
  • Create or modify defensive game plans
  • List individual player offensive characteristics
  • Diagram hit ball pitch locations


Infield Trainer


"Forget about having to purchase separate charts to record pitch calls, track opponent hitting tendencies and collect scouting information. The Scout Tracker allows you the ability to perform all three functions on one detailed yet easy-to-use performance chart."

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Works For both Baseball and Softball

Baseball Field

  • Coaches at any level can use these simple, yet comprehensive, charts to record player data and reveal offensive tendencies that may go unnoticed during real time competition.
  • Whether you already have a system to chart pitch calls, analyze hitting tendencies and compile information on your opponent or you are just starting to create your own, The Scout Tracker provides you with detailed charts that can be integrated into any system making even the novice perform like a veteran.